Bae Basics: Pour Over Coffee

Welcome to Bae Basics! Everything you need to know to perfect your at home coffee in an easy-to-digest format. First up: pour over coffee. A coffee bar staple.
This recipe makes one 8oz cup of coffee! Measurements will vary depending on how many cups you're making.
1. Bring 10oz of filtered water to a boil and let lit for a minute or two
2. rinse filter with 2oz of water and dispose when done
3. Add 1 rounded tablespoon of medium grind coffee to filter
4. Add just enough water to cover the grounds and let sit for 45 seconds
5. Slowly add in the remaining water in roughly 4 intervals, letting sit for 30-45 seconds in-between pours
6. Enjoy :)
Bae World pro tips: 
- Fresh coffee = better flavor
- Rinse your filter!
- Filtered water is key
- Swirl coffee with a spoon during brewing process for an even brew
- A scale and precise measurements will take your pour over coffee next level
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